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The Foundation for Insurance and Finance Education (FIFE) was established in 1998 to cater to the ever-growing education and training needs within the insurance and finance industry of the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. FIFE is part of the Nest Group – one of the largest insurance and investment holding groups in the region. Nest Group operates in more than 25 countries with total assets of over USD 5.1 billion and annual turnover exceeding USD 620 million.

FIFE’s key objectives are focused towards promoting excellence in insurance and finance education via innovative training solutions, internationally recognized professional qualifications and industry workshops. Furthermore, FIFE intends to promote for the public benefit the study and research in the disciplines of insurance and finance education and in all branches of such disciplines.

Based on its dedication towards development of the regional insurance and finance industry, FIFE has also established funds to grant scholarship for insurance and finance qualifications as well as support special studies in such areas.

Board of Directors

Mehran Eftekhar

Chris Georghiades

Gerald Dickinson

Husain Al Ajmi


Husain Al Ajmi

Chief Executive Officer


Mohamed Mahfoodh

Finance and Administrative Coordinator

Ahmed Aljazeeri

Operations Coordinator


FIFE’s vision is to be the premier Center for Excellence within the regional insurance and finance industry.


FIFE’s mission is to provide quality learning experiences for individuals and entities through innovative training solutions, professional qualifications and industry workshops in the insurance and finance domain.


FIFE highly values towards enhancing professionalism in all its activities.

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